Uganda: Parliament must reject bill imposing death penalty for gay sex | Amnesty International - uganda gay death penalty


Uganda announces ‘Kill the Gays’ law imposing death penalty on homosexuals | The Independent uganda gay death penalty

MPs in Uganda are to push for new laws to make homosexual acts punishable by death. James Nsaba Buturo, an MP, said parliamentarians wanted to retable a bill ruled unconstitutional by a court in 2014 that would introduce capital sentences for gay sex. Homosexuality is illegal in.

Uganda will not impose the death penalty for gay sex, a presidential spokesman said on Monday, after major aid donors said they were monitoring a plan by the African nation to reintroduce a bill colloquially known as “Kill the Gays”. Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon.

4 days ago NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Uganda has seen a rise in back the death penalty for gay sex, campaigners said on Tuesday.