Birth Control Boobs - will my boobs grow on loestrin24fe


Some birth-control pills may raise breast cancer risk 50 percent will my boobs grow on loestrin24fe

I am finishing my 1st pack of birth control pills and my boobs are OUT OF CONTROL. I love this birth control so far (Loestrin 24 fe) but if I have to have 34 D this while on birth control and if so will they shrink back down to normal size? starting) but my boobs seem like they are getting bigger everyday.

1 Answer - Posted in: loestrin 24 fe - Answer: I haven't used Loestrin 24 Fe Microgestin Fe 1/20 - will this birth control make my breasts a cup.

do they swell alot? as i really want my boobs to grow. DZ. DzooBaby Loestrin 24 Fe - breast tenderness, fatigue, headaches, and breakouts?.